Unit 1

Our first unit this year is "Safety Rules and Movement" combined.  The focus of this unit will be on getting the children to understand that their bodies can move many different ways safely through spaces.  We will be playing games that require the children to move in different ways:  run, jump, hop, skip and gallop.    I have divided the skills for the unit into grade levels. 

Kindergarten:  Focus Questions
1.  Why are boundaries important?
2.  How do I find my personal space?
3.  Why is it important to handle equipment safely and properly?

Vocabulary:  personal space, general space, boundaries, skip,safety, procedures,properly,equipment respect

First Grade:  Focus Questions
1.  Why is it important to be aware of your surroundings?
2.  How many different ways can I travel?
3.  Why is it important to warm up and cool down before participating in PE games and activities?

Vocabulary:  surroundings, obstacles, locomotor, gallop, warm up, cool down, demonstrate, consideration, cooperating, sharing, benefit

Second Grade:  Focus Questions
1.  How does being aware of your surroundings show consideration for yourself and others?
2.  What are the critical elements needed to perform locomotor skills proficiently?  (pathway, direction, speed, force)
3.  Why is it important to respect individual differences when participating in games and activities?

Vocabulary:  coordination, balance, transfer, landing, proficient, direction, pathways, personal differences, resolve, conflict, successfully

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