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Our Safety Ranger program is a nine week program in which students are selected by staff members and administrators.  Students are selected based on staff recommendations, no referrals, consistent attendance, few tardies and OUTSTANDING leadership characteristics.

Congratulations to the Second Nine Weeks Rangers 2017-2018
Scarlett Fields, Brinley Penney, Mylie Medieros,
Samuel Bradley, Taylin McLeod,
Jace Maddox, Brynn Nobles, Jacob Runion, Willie Whitehurst, Teddy Colon

Hagan Klinger, Todd Brown, Sabrina Rockett, 
Armando Ramirez- Rodriguez, Ruby Pogue, Jamie Merced, Emme Hoyt, Sean Conger, Pedro Bernal-Raymundo

Congratulations to the First Nine Weeks Rangers 

Candy Gorosteita, Lilli Hampton, Morgan Sanford, Bryce Hardy, Narvous Pulling, Blake Griffin, Olesia Eckblad, Lesly Covarrubias, Grant Sims, Aiden Hilty, Jalissa King, Angel Centeno-Gonzalez, Rayne Lord, Alexis Davies, Kaylee Martinez-Vargas, 
Aydenn Carley, Maddox Vera, Hector Servin, Sorely Molina, 
Cody Lee

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